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Dental Crowns

A dental crown is a permanent covering that fits over your original tooth. This cosmetic crowns can both fix damaged teeth that are heavily decayed, or they can are used for cosmetic reasons. Our dentists use the highest quality materials in creating crowns for your cosmetic or restorative purposes. Whatever the situation, our dental team has the skills and knowledge to produce the highest quality results. Made of porcelain, metals, or an amalgam of materials. Typically, porcelain crowns have the most natural tooth appearance, but dental crowns can be made of metal or an amalgam of elements as well. If you’re looking to whiten, shape, align your teeth into a healthy, attractive smile consider a dental crown from Iowa Dental Group.

Dental Bridges

Missing teeth can make you lose confidence. Our cosmetic dental team can bring back your healthy smile and self-esteem. Dental bridges are made from tooth-colored materials and can replace missing teeth caused by disease or injury.

Cosmetic dental bridges are used to fill the space where your teeth are missing. Typical dental bridges consist of a filler tooth (or filler teeth) that is/are attached to surrounding dental crowns. When complete, dental bridges are bonded directly into your mouth. Without the use of dental bridges, spaces in the mouth can cause your teeth to shift which may lead to occlusion or jaw problems and can also cause periodontal disease. Cosmetic dental bridges are a safeguard for the health of you and your existing teeth, but also help retain your healthy smile. If you are interested in learning more about custom cosmetic dental bridges or any cosmetic dentistry procedures, please contact our office today. Conveniently located near downtown Des Moines, Iowa Dental Group can be called today at  (515) 277-6358.

What are Crowns?

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped "cap" placed over a tooth -- covering the tooth to restore its shape and size, strength, and improve its appearance. The crowns, when cemented into place, fully encase the entire visible portion of a tooth that lies at and above the gum line.

Dental Bridge
What are Bridges?

Dental bridges span the gap created by one or more missing teeth. A bridge is made up of two crowns one on each tooth on either side of the gap -- these two anchoring teeth are abutment teeth -- and a false tooth/teeth in between.

Dental Crown Process

At your first visit, one of our experienced dentists will provide local anesthetic to the tooth that will be crowned and then remove the decay in and around the tooth. We will then sculpt the tooth to make sure there is a perfect fit for the installation of your custom made dental crown, which is usually a painless process.

Our dentist will take an impression of your tooth and send it to our dental for processing. During this time a temporary dental crown is made and fitted onto your tooth.

During your next visit, our dentist will remove the temporary acrylic resin crown and fit the permanent custom crown onto your tooth. He will make sure that the dental crown has a perfect look and fit before cementing it permanently into place.

Dental Bridge Process

Custom dental bridges usually require a couple of visits to our dental office. At the first visit, the surrounding teeth are numbed and prepared by our dentist by removing and plaque or decay. Our dentist will reduce to the tooth so that the crown can properly fit into place. Our experienced dental team will make a mold of your teeth to send to our laboratory, which is where they prepare the custom impression. In the interim, we may fit patients with a temporary bridge. Upon your return for your second visit, the temporary dental bridge is removed and replaced with your custom laboratory made dental bridge. Our cosmetic dentists then make adjustments for proper fit and appearance. Finally, we cement the dental bridge into place.

If your missing tooth has no surrounding teeth to bond to, our cosmetic dentists may suggest a dental implant is your best option. When multiple teeth are missing in sequence, our dental team may also recommend a partial denture, which may be the most efficient way to maintain the health of your jawline.

Contact Iowa Dental Group at  (515) 277-6358 to find out more information about your dental bridge options today.

Our Mission

We have always prided ourselves in offering the highest quality dentistry at a fair and reasonable fee. One that the patient is willing to pay with gratitude and we are willing to accept with gratitude. Our patients are satisfied when treatment is completed or we will continue to strive to meet our own high expectations.

Iowa Dental Group

You place a lot of trust in your dentist, and we will always be honest with you. This philosophy of educating our patients has been the hallmark of why we have been successful for over 30 years.

Our Services

Patients will be educated on the type of dentistry they need and will never feel pressured or receive any sales pitch to have treatment.

You will always know the fee before treatment is performed.

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Be Proud of your Smile

If you are looking for a highly trained and experienced dentist in Des Moines, you have come to the right place. At our practice, you will receive the highest quality dental care. Our dental office uses the latest state-of-the-art equipment and cutting-edge technology, and we uphold the strictest sterilization techniques. We know that many people may feel anxious about coming to the dentist, so it is our goal to make your visit with us as pain and anxiety free as possible. We view it as our mission to educate our patients about all of their oral health care options and to help guide them to choose a treatment plan that is most suitable and appropriate for their needs.

Smiles for Miles!

We have so many terrific reviews it's impossible for us to list them all! Thanks for supporting Iowa Dental Group with your gratitude.

Dr. Bob always goes the extra mile. He consistently demonstrates that his primary concern is for the patient and their well being!read more
Mary Terry
Mary Terry
14:36 27 Apr 17
Dr. Bob and Dr. Brett are great! Always willing to listen and ready to get my problems solved.
Doug Messenger
Doug Messenger
20:28 16 May 17
I scheduled a consultation with Dr. Margeas for a small cosmetic issue with a tooth from a recommendation from my current Dentist. I have heard from many people (including my own dentist) that he was the best in cosmetic dentistry any where in the mid-west. My consultation was this morning. He was totally upfront about what he thinks the best route is for me and my teeth. I felt totally comfortable with his recommendations and confident in his abilities. I've been to an other dentist about this same issue years ago and it didn't feel right. Now that I've had the consultation with Dr. Margeas, I'm excited to finally move forward with fixing it. Every staff member was very welcoming and pleasant. It was a really nice place to be with a great energy there. If I didn't like my normal dentist so much, I'd absolutely become a regular there! Maybe I'll pop in for an extra cleaning or something. I'm happy to have found Dr. Margeas and his staff to help me correct my cosmetic issue. I highly recommend this business!read more
Brittany Reed
Brittany Reed
21:45 06 Feb 17
I was a bit worried going from my family dentist of over 12 years to a new provider, but they made me feel right at home immediately. Everyone was so friendly and wonderful. Already looking forward to going back in 6 months. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone!read more
Sarah Bailey
Sarah Bailey
01:09 22 Jul 16
Had my first appointment with Dr. Margeas and his operation is absolutely first class. All of his staff were wonderful, I was in and out in a short amount of time and felt very satisfied. I'm so thankful to have been recommended to try out Iowa Dental Group and would absolutely recommend them to anyone!read more
David Kinsley
David Kinsley
14:55 12 Aug 16
Competent, professional service! If you need dental work, this is the place to be👍😊
VeeAnn Cartwright
VeeAnn Cartwright
21:43 15 Aug 17
From the moment I arrived to the moment I left I felt me and my teeth were in great hands. The whole team is so kind, and my dentist was fantastic. I originally went in wanting veneers, keep in mind I am overly critical of my smile and teeth, and it was all I knew. My dentist educated me that he did not think veneers were the best choice for me, and gave me a much better option which costed about 6 times less than what veneers would have. He is a great dentist because he won't just do what makes him the most money, he does what is best for the patient. I just got done with my appointment and I could not be more overjoyed with my results. Thank you Iowa Dental Group team!:)read more
Caitlin Verette
Caitlin Verette
16:36 25 Sep 17
My daughter and I had a wonderful experience! The entire staff was very welcoming and Dr. Margeas was fantastic to work with! We learned so much from him and he made us feel comfortable with all the more
Nicole Ritland
Nicole Ritland
23:58 06 Dec 17
First and foremost, Dr Margeas is world renowned in the field of dentistry. He is considered one of the premier educators with practical application for clinicians everywhere. As a teacher he practices what he preaches by taking the most conservative approach for the patient with long term application and not for short term gain. Today I expected to have a crown done on tooth 30 which is perfectly acceptable to most clinicians. However, Dr Margeas was able to take the conservative approach without compromise of the tooth and provided a composite solution which should last a long time, holding off the need of a crown. Again the crown would have been acceptable. The staff, Dr Margeas, the complete experience is why he is one of the best globally and most caring dentist I have been more
Mark Nelson
Mark Nelson
21:54 12 Feb 18
Dr. Margeas is amazing in so many ways. First of all—he is brilliant! His knowledge in the field of dentistry cannot be matched. And he is articulate. He can communicate with his patients at any level. But more than that, he is a sincere person who really cares about the world and the people in it—he is genuine in his concern for each patient and is really interested in each of their lives. The entire team at IDG is always so positive and makes the visit a comfortable and pleasant experience. Thank you, Dr. Margeas!read more
Carol Dahlstrom
Carol Dahlstrom
00:51 13 Feb 18
Dr Margeas is one of the best dentists I have ever worked with. His ability with implants and cosmetic dentistry is world class. Not only the best of the best dentists but also an outstanding human being, I have known him for over 12 years and highly look up to him, in both work related business and everyday liferead more
Freddy Char
Freddy Char
23:53 14 Feb 18

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