Can Black Triangles be Fixed?

Black triangles are small spaces that can form in between your teeth and gumline. Their clinical name is open gingival embrasures. Black triangles are most often caused by gum recession. Our gums naturally recede as we get older, but this can be accelerated by gum disease, vigorous brushing, and tooth infections.

Causes of Black Triangles Teeth

Following are the primary causes of black triangles between teeth:

  • Gum Recession- Gum recession is caused from aging, smoking, or periodontal diseases. The degenerated gums can pull away from your teeth and leave the roots vulnerable to bacteria and infections.
  • Shape of Tooth- Teeth are not perfectly shaped. If your front teeth, or incisors, are narrow at the gum line and broader at the biting surface, you may develop black triangles.
  • Brushing Techniques- According to research, brushing your teeth aggressively and brushing them with a stiff toothbrush can lead to black triangles.
  • Orthodontic Treatments- You may develop black triangles after braces due to the shift in your teeth.
  • Bone Loss- Losing bone near the base of the tooth leads to black triangles.

Tooth Shape Responsible for Black Triangle Teeth

Let us look at how the shape of your teeth can cause black triangles:

  • Rectangular Teeth – Rectangular teeth have straight, symmetrical edges, and they fit next to each other without any gap. There is a limited chance of black triangles.
  • Oval Teeth – Although there is space at the bottom due to the round edges of oval teeth, there is less possibility of black triangles at the top if the teeth fit perfectly next to each other.
  • Triangular Teeth – Here is the primary cause. The wider edge of triangular teeth at the bottom creates the natural space for black triangles.

Treatment of Black Triangles

Depending on the cause and condition, your dentist might suggest one of the following treatments:

  • Gentle Dental Hygiene- Aggressive dental hygiene can lead to black triangles. If the damage has just started, the gaps are minimal, and your gums are healthy, you can reverse it with gentle dental hygiene.
  • Brushing and Flossing Correctly- In addition to being gentle, you need to brush and floss with the proper technique. Ask your dentist for correct methods.
  • Dental Resin or Veneers- Closing the gaps with dental resin compound or dental veneers is a perfect aesthetic treatment for visible black triangles.
  • Braces-If you developed black triangles after an orthodontic procedure, a second treatment can fix the issue. Your orthodontist might also recommend other advanced orthodontic treatments for your situation.
  • Hyaluronic Acid Treatment- In a hyaluronic acid treatment, hyaluronic acid is injected into your gums to regenerate them. This is an ideal solution if the cause of your black triangles is gum recession.

An assortment of various factors can contribute to black triangles, such as age, gum damage, dental hygiene techniques, and bone loss. It might be essential to fix your black triangles for both cosmetic reasons and proper oral health. They not only distract from your smile, but they also provide additional space for bacteria to grow. There are many treatment options available. Your dentist can exam your situation and suggest the appropriate treatment.

Cost to Fix Black Triangles