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Lots of people suffer from bruxism or tooth grinding. Typically it’s an issue at night when you're asleep, although some folks may do it throughout the day. Grinding your teeth wears down your teeth and can damage decay, cause jaw pain, or irritate your teeth. Your partner's sleep can also be disturbed by the sound of the grinding.

Should you grind your teeth, you should look at a nighttime guard. A night guard that is like a mouth guard that offers a barrier between the bottom and top teeth. All nighttime guards have been custom fitted also to allow for maximum breathing and to help with relaxation. Your dentist takes an impression of the teeth, and we process the night guard at our professional lab. Night guards are extremely durable and can be for as many as ten years.

There are a few things which you may do to attempt fix bruxism. It's possible to train your chin to be relaxed rather than clenched. You should refrain from chewing gum or even on things like pens. You also need to avoid alcoholic beverages and drinks with caffeine. If you’re concerned about possible bruxism contact Iowa Dental Group for your consultation today. We can be reached at  (515) 277-6358.

Night Guard

What is a Night Guard?

A night guard, also known as a dental mouth guard or a bite guard, is an appliance prescribed to patients to treat teeth grinding (bruxism). In general, it protects the teeth and other vital structures by offering a protective barrier between the upper and lower teeth.

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