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How Can a Dental Bridge Help?

When a patient has more than one missing tooth, not only does it affect the aesthesis of the overall smile, but it also poses a risk for further oral health issues down the line. It is imperative for a patient to replace all missing teeth as soon as possible to ensure the optimal oral health of the mouth. When there are multiple missing teeth, the bite pressure of the mouth isn’t evenly distributed among all teeth, therefore posing a risk of more toothless because of jawbone deterioration.

There are many ways to replace a tooth in cosmetic dentistry. Some of the best ways to restore or replace a tooth are by the use of dental bridges, dental implants, dental crowns and more. Dental bridges are extremely popular in the dental cosmetic field as it can replace a multitude of teeth as well as a single tooth. Replacing one or more teeth is easily done with dental bridges.

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Dental Bridge

Dental Bridge Benefits

  • It will keep the neighboring teeth from shifting into the empty space provided by the missing tooth
  • It will complete the aesthetics of your smile
  • Complete the function of your bite
  • Reduces the risk of jaw deterioration
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence

What are Dental Bridges?

These tooth restorations are created custom and tailored to each patient’s smile. The hand-crafted tooth restorations are typically made of porcelain material to ensure durability and strength for the restoration. This material is popularly used in the dental cosmetic industry as it can be polished to mimic
the aesthetic of a natural tooth from the color, texture and natural looking reflection.

Bridges, that are commonly known as fixed bridges as well are given this specific name as they “bridge the gap” between teeth. They are generally created with the false tooth, called the pontic, in the center. The pontic becomes anchored into the mouth with the two neighboring teeth on the side using dental
caps. If there are multiple teeth next to each other that need to be replaced, multiple pontics can be used. This version is the traditional form of dental bridges as three or more teeth can be replaced at a time using this method.

Another way a dental bridge can be done is having a false tooth attached to the neighboring teeth using metal handles or “wings” that are bonded to the back sides of the neighboring teeth. This is a great way to replace one single tooth at a time as the wings can only hold a bit of bite pressure. This is a great way to attach dental bridges as they do not require prior prep of the neighboring teeth beforehand. The neighboring teeth do not need to be trimmed or contoured in order to receive the metal wings.

Both of these solutions are popular to have dental bridges placed. There are some key points to consider with the metal wings bridge. Over time, these metal frames will wear and tear before dental crowns as they are not as sturdy as the porcelain material. This metal framework can also turn the natural
neighboring teeth a slight grey color from the metal. Although this isn’t ideal, it is recommended to have this version of dental bridges replaced every few years. Dental bridges that are bonded using the dental crown procedure will last much longer, depending on how well the patient cares for their restorations.

How are Bridges Placed?

Depending on the version of dental bridges, there are a few ways they can be placed. If the patient and dentist have agreed upon placing these restorations in the traditional route, the dentist will first contour the neighboring teeth of the missing tooth to shape them down. Once the enamel of the teeth and some tooth tissue is removed, the dentist will take an impression of the teeth. The impression can either be taken digitally or with a mold.

Once the impression is taken of the newly reshaped teeth, the dentist will send the impression to their dental lab to have them custom-made. The custom bridge will typically be created within 1-2 weeks. During this waiting period, the dental professional will bond some temporary crowns on the contoured teeth while the permanent ones are being made. Once the bridge or bridges as complete, the dentist will call the patient back into the office to have the permanent bridge placed in the mouth. This procedure typically doesn’t require the use of any form of sedation. However, this can also depend on the patient and if they feel emotions of anxiety of stress prior to the procedure. Talk to your dentist about numbing or sedation before the treatment.

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More Dental Bridge Benefits

Some patients are unaware that although missing teeth give you an incomplete aesthetic, it can also make a person look older than they are. When there is a missing tooth, it causes the outer skin of the mouth to sag, making a person look older. Having a dental bridge placed improves the overall confidence as it not only repairs the overall look of a smile but also the functionality of it as well.

As mentioned above, there are many different treatment options to replace missing teeth such as dental crowns, dental implants, dentures and more. Talk to your dentist about which option could be the best answer to your specific issue. If you are interested in dental bridges, your dental professional can educate you on why it is or is not a good option for you. In a general sense, a patient must have good oral health with healthy gum tissue (no periodontal gum disease) and no pre-deterioration of the jawbone. If this is the case, your dentist may recommend a prior bone graft treatment to strengthen the jawbone below the missing tooth.

Be sure to care for your dental restorations by brushing your teeth twice a day and flossing at least once. Visiting your dentist every six months can also lower your chances of losing more teeth to decay and bacteria. Talk to your dentist about your options and start your dental cosmetic journey today.

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