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Dentists have numerous ways to improve the look of a patient’s mouth. With new advancements in technology and innovative procedures, it is easier than ever for a patient to get the smile they have always dreamed of. All-on-four ® is a revolutionary product that allows dentists to permanently install a full set of dentures into a patient’s mouth. That’s right: permanent. That means that patients no longer have to take their dentures out to clean and sanitize them. They no longer have to worry about breaking them or losing them. Once they are installed using All-on-Four ® , they’ll function similar to natural teeth.

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If you are considering upgrading your dentures from traditional removable dentures to All-on-Four ® denture systems, contact our dental office today. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will be able to walk you through the consultation process and ensure you have all the information you need to make a decision about whether or not the All-on-Four ® system is right for you.

How Does All-on-Four® Work?

This revolutionary product allows dentists to permanently attach a set of dentures to a patient’s gums using dental implants. The system is designed to use 4 dental implants, to be exact, to hold dentures in place. Dental implants require some time to prepare and place, and sometimes patients need to undergo additional procedures, such as bone grafting, to prepare for the implants to be set.

Dental implants consist of three main parts:

  • The “root”: a titanium rod that is surgically placed into the jawbone to prepare to receive the new dentures. This part of the process can take several weeks to integrate before moving on to the next step in the treatment.
  • Abutment: the part of the implant that will hold the dentures in place
  • False teeth: in this case, it is a denture plate, but in other instances, crowns are used to replace missing teeth.

Once the implants are placed and have healed, the dentures can be affixed to the implants and voila! Patients have a brand new set of teeth that are solid and secure.

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Customized Implant Solutions for Your Needs

We take great pride in our ability to assess and determine the best course of action for treatment related to our patient’s needs. While other dentists might rush to conclusions and assume that All-on-Four ® is the right solution for anyone who wants permanent dentures, we take the time to ensure they are the appropriate solution for your particular needs. Our dental practice spends a great deal of time discussing your options and ensuring you understand your choices. We never force a treatment on any patient and know that some patients might want some additional time to make a decision that will impact the rest of their lives. We’ll work with you to ensure you are comfortable during every step of the treatment process.

What Else Should You Know?

Most adults have 14 adult teeth. When you consider having All-on-Four ® implants and denture systems used, you will only have 4-8 “roots” to maintain the integrity of your jawbone and gums. That’s why we often install more than just 4 “roots” when using this system. However, depending on the size of your mouth and the density of the bone in your jaw, four rods may be enough to sustain our new set of dentures. But don’t worry: it’s our job to determine the risks and discuss them with you before we ever begin any procedure or treatment with you.

As we age, our jawbones naturally start to erode or disappear. When you have dentures, this can happen much faster because there are no roots for the jawbone to hold on to, and as a result, it loses much-needed nutrients that would have been supplying important minerals to the teeth. Some people may begin to see receding gums, increased risk of gum disease, and even changes in the shapes of their mouth as their bone loss continues. We can determine how much bone is present and if a graft is necessary to pursue further treatments and mouth reconstruction.

Why Would Patients Need a Bone Graft?

In some cases, patients who have had traditional dentures for some time might have experience bone loss as a result of missing teeth. Over time, if jawbones don’t have any teeth to support, essential nutrients and minerals can be lost through the gums which can cause the bone to erode and disappear. This doesn’t mean that patients aren’t eligible for implants or All-on-Four ® treatments, it simply means that additional work needs to be done to prepare for the implants and permanent dentures. A bone graft is a surgical procedure in which donor bone, or the patient’s own bone, is placed and grafted to the existing bone. It can take some time for the bone to connect and become part of your jaw bone, so you’ll continue to wear your dentures or other special dentures we give you, in the meantime. Once the bone has healed, the implant process can begin. In most cases, bone grafting works for patients and is an ideal way to prepare for implants and All-on-Four ® treatments.

How Many Implants are Needed?

The treatment is called All-on-Four ® , but some dentists may choose to use more than four titanium posts in order to hold the dentures in place. The minimum is four implants in the top jaw and four implants in the bottom jaw. Two of the posts are angled to catch the dentures and  hold them in place, while the other two posts act as guides to position the dentures correctly. Once installed, you won’t even know there are posts in your gums. Once the titanium rods have been installed, it’s easy to set the dentures in place. We’ll determine the number of titanium rods you will need based on your mouth size and suitability for the treatment.

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