Natural Looking Dental Implant

A common concern candidates for dental implants have is whether or not their new teeth will look and feel like the natural teeth. Fortunately, dental implants are specifically designed to mimic the natural teeth in both their appearance and function. When comparing implants to other teeth-replacement options, such as bridges and dentures, they are undoubtedly the most natural solution.

Dental implants are quite expensive and the implant procedure is relatively involved. As a result, it is understandable that patients want to ensure they are happy with the outcome. Patients are especially concerned with the expected outcome and results if one of their front teeth is being replaced. Due to the associated time and cost associated with the implant procedure, it is understandable that a patient would want to avoid oral surgery if it does not produce natural results.

As previously stated, the concern over the appearance of the dental implant is especially prevalent in a patient who is receiving implants on a front tooth. Anterior teeth are excellent to work with in regards to implants, as they can expose quite dramatic improvements.

In nearly all cases, the patient reports the implant to both looks and feel more natural than they expected. Having natural-looking and functional teeth produces exceptional results.

Because the dental implant is placed below the gum tissue, there is no visible difference between the implant and the natural teeth.

Through advancements in modern dentistry, there are numerous materials which can be used to successfully replicate the color, translucency, and shape of the natural teeth. The dental implant is precisely created to match the existing teeth.

While dental implants can be an exceptional solution for restoring missing teeth, it is important to find a qualified dentist in your area who has the necessary training and experience.

The field of dentistry uses a combination of art, science, and engineering. Each of these areas are critical in the successful placement of an implant. In order to provide the patient with a natural looking implant which is the correct color and shape, it is important for the dentist to be an expert in the aesthetics of implant restoration.

Through careful precision and the use of a reputable dental lab, it is possible to achieve a perfect color, size, and shape for the implant. This precise art offers patients the best, most natural dental implant possible.

Be sure to ask the dentist for testimonials from other implant patients. Some dentists even share these on their website. The dentist may also be able to share before and after pictures of implants to highlight previous work they completed. While cost is an important factor, it is not the only factor involved in a successful implant. Be sure to do your research and feel confident in the dentist who will be performing the implant.

The dentist will work with a dental laboratory to create the crown of the implant. This is the visible portion of the tooth. It is important for the dentist to have a strong working relationship with the dental lab. While the permanent crown is being created, a temporary crown is often used.

One important aspect of the implant procedure is obtaining impressions of the teeth prior to the placement of the implant. These impressions are used to ensure the implant fits well and is correctly placed.

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