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Tooth Sensitivity After Filling

Cavities can eat away at your teeth, leaving permanent damage. With regular trips to the dentist for checkups and cleanings, though, cavities can be caught early on and treated. Once cavities are treated, the actual damage that they caused needs to be repaired. One very popular option for repairing the damage that has been caused to a tooth due to tooth decay is tooth fillings.

What Are Tooth Fillings?

Tooth fillings are a very popular restorative prosthetic that returns the look and functionality to a tooth that has been damaged or decayed. These prosthetics are often made of resin, but can also be made with metal, gold and other options. The prosthetic is placed in the tooth to fill the area that was damaged, and restore the functionality of the damaged tooth. While some fillings can be placed immediately, others need to be fabricated. When this is the case, temporary fillings may be used to help maintain the integrity of the tooth until the final filling can be placed.

Why Tooth Fillings?

Tooth fillings are an excellent option for restoring the strength to a tooth that has suffered damage due to an accident or decay. With a filling, a patient can continue to bite, and chew like they did before the damage to the tooth occurred. Tooth fillings are also helpful with deterring future decay, and restoring the appearance of a tooth that has been damaged.

The Tooth Filling Placement Procedure

The process of having a filling placed begins with a trip to the dentist. This may be due to discomfort caused by decay, or a general checkup and cleaning. Often times dentists will notice cavities before a patient even knows they are there. This is good, as it allows the dentist to treat the cavity in its early stages.

Once the dentist has determined that their patient has a cavity, they will begin removing the decay. From there, they with etch the tooth to help place a filling. An immediate resin may be used for the filling, or other materials. For some materials that take time to fabricate, a temporary filling will be placed. Once the final filling has been placed, it will be secured and polished.

Sensitivity After Tooth Fillings Are Placed

Sensitivity after a tooth filling is placed is completely normal. There will be a high chance of sensitivity due to hot or cold food being consumed, or harder foods. It’s best to avoid these sorts of foods after the tooth filling placement procedure.

If any pain or discomfort persists after a few days of having the filling placed, contact your dentist, as there may be something wrong with the filling. Sometimes fillings become loose or damaged. Other times an allergic reaction may occur due to the specific material that was used for the filling.

Your dentist will take a look at the filling and help to determine the source of the discomfort and sensitivity, then make any necessary changes to alleviate the discomfort.

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