Veneers and Worn Down Teeth


Veneers are one of the most frequently used solutions in cosmetic dentistry. They are commonly used in both cosmetic and general dentistry. This solution provides patients with a beautiful smile and can restore damaged or worn down teeth. Dental veneers are made specifically for each individual patient. The material is a thin shell which is bonded to the front surface of the teeth. Because there is minimal preparation required and a majority of the natural tooth structure is preserved, veneers are often preferred over crowns. In most cases, a veneer is created from composite or porcelain. Porcelain is typically used as it is extremely durable, stain resistant, and is attractive. It can also closely match the adjacent natural teeth.


Over time, patients may begin to notice that their teeth don’t look the same. After years of wear and tear, combined with drinking coffee, tea and wine, the teeth can become discolored. The teeth will naturally start to show signs of wear which can include cracks, chips, and a change in the shape or length of the teeth. Through the use of porcelain veneers, a smile can be transformed and the teeth can be restored.


Some patients are embarrassed of their teeth and will even cover their mouth with their hand to conceal the damaged and discolored teeth. Veneers give patients an increased confidence in their beautiful smile. Veneers can help improve minor cosmetic issues such as discoloration, minor positioning issues, adjusting the shape of the tooth, and covering minor chips and cracks.


Prior to starting treatment, the dentist will obtain an OPG or panoramic x-ray. The X-ray gives the dentist insight and visibility if there is any infection, gum disease or other issue present on the teeth which are being treated. Following the x-ray, the dentist will complete a thorough examination of the teeth and gums. If there is any sign of gum disease, it must be treated before the veneer can be placed as gum disease can compromise the treatment. If a tooth has infection, a root canal will be completed prior to the placement of the veneers.


Worn Down Teeth

Unfortunately, patients with teeth which are severely worn down are not candidates for veneers. Patients who have chronically suffered from bruxism or grinding of the teeth, may have short teeth which cannot adequately support the veneer. Veneers on teeth which are severely damaged and worn down will not last and will break. Because the material used for veneers is so thin, it cannot withstand the strong forces from biting without proper tooth structure.


If the bite is effected, it must be opened by building up the teeth in the back of the mouth. This creates more space needed to lengthen the front teeth. Because crowns are structurally stronger, they would be a better solution in this case.


Veneers are an excellent solution and commonly used in cosmetic dentistry. Millions of patients have gained confidence in their improved smile thanks to veneers. Follow up with your dentist to determine if you are a good candidate for veneers. If veneers cannot be used to improve worn down, damaged teeth, the dentist can suggest other options.

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